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'STITCH FOR VICTORY' from 9 April - 13 November 2011, at the Redoubt Fortress & Military Museum. An exhibition exploring the contribution made by stitching, embroidering, knitting, and needlework on the well being of civilians and servicemen during the Second World War. Discover how stitching was used to steady people’s nerves in the air raid shelters, how it made your clothing rations go further, and provided ‘comforts’ and equipment for our boys on the front line. Did you know that soldiers were encouraged to embroider English scenes as they convalesced, whilst prisoners of war documented their experiences with secret needles and thread.  This exhibition showcases artefacts, documents and memories brought together for the first time in an evocative and inspiring display.  Admission charge payable.  Concessions available for families, groups & local residents.

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