'A STITCH IN TIME SAVES LIVES' Tel: +44 (0) 1323 41030


This is a free event. During the years of the Second World War the Great British nation were all doing their bit and stitching! A Stitch In Time Saves Lives is a one off  40s event to relive and capture the stitched spirit of the time. The event is being held to support the Redoubt Fortress & Military Museum's major new exhibition ‘Stitch for Victory’ documenting for the first time this seemingly insignificant domestic act and showing how important its contribution to the war effort was.  So make your way to the Redoubt Fortress to experience 1940s wartime spirit and witness how the people of Britain stitched their way to Victory! Sew to ease your nerves in the Air Raid Shelter, knit socks for the troops with the women of the WI, assist the Red Cross nurses and show convalescing soldiers how to embroider. Collect secret signatures and messages to pass between the visitors.

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