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Stepping into the What Katie Did boutique is like travelling back to when specialist shops were just what they claimed to be special. It's no wonder that when designer Katie Halford was opening her flagship store in Portobello Green Arcade in October 2007, she consulted period books on shop design to find out what mid-century corsetoriums were really like. The answer is 'glamorous'!You won't find much in the way of boring, plain shop fittings in What Katie Did. Soft, champagne coloured walls, glittering chandeliers and velvet complement the frilly confections displayed in every corner. The main space is still bursting with beautiful lingerie and corsetry, with a 1920s shirt cabinet filled with goodies, a glass cabinet heaving with vintage jewellery and collectibles; and a display filled with  stockings. The centre of the room features a decadent chaise longue and an antique dresser stocked with Besame makeup.  But just so customers don't forget that there's a distinctly naughty side to What Katie Did, the back wall has been papered with pages from the 1950s fetish magazine Exotique, and hung with framed snippets from the press of which Katie is so rightfully proud.

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