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We are The Frontline Association, a UK based group that portray WW2 German Fallshirmjager (FJR9) and German Red Cross Nurses (DRK). FJR9 (Paratoopers) The unit we represent forms part of the 3rd Fallschirmjager Division who fought on the Normandy front , Falaise, Market Garden ,Aachen and the Ardennes offensive . We take part in living history displays, static events and mock battles using kit, equipment, weapons etc of the later war (1943-1945) period of the Western Front DRK (German Red Cross Nurses) the DRK or German Red Cross was the civilian nursing body who dealt with the German military in WW2.they staffed hospitals, operating theatres, and nursing homes as well as front line emergency dressing stations . We display a representation of a field dressing station and take part in living history displays as well as demonstrate to the public the type of equipment and care typically used by German nurses of the period.

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