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SWING TRAIN Tel: 01452 504168

Email Us   phil186.wix.com/swingtrain

We are a Professional Swing Music Roadshow which is dedicated to the discerning followers of Swing Music.

We play Vintage music tracks from the BIG BAND ERA...20's, 30's, 40's & 50's and at the end of the function we throw in some ELECTRO SWING for good measure, {see Electro Swing Page for more info}. We do a lot of travelling to various functions around the country.​ All our music is on CD as we have progressed from Shellac & Vinyl.  You can be rest assured we are fully licenced and pat tested.

We strive to make the show as authentic as possible so a mirror ball is all we need (as it was in the Swing Era), but the music full on. For more information contact us..

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