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Springwell Village is hosting a 1940s Weekend from the 30th of June to the 2nd of July, celebrating the history of the Second World War and the heritage of the village during this period and in the years before the war. Everyone in the village is getting involved, from the Community Centre (Springwell Village Community Venue), to the Bowes Railway heritage site, the Guidepost Pub, the Social Club, the school and the chapel. Vintage buses will be travelling throughout the local area bringing people from throughout Washington to Springwell for the event on the Saturday and the Sunday. Those attending with cars are asked to park and ride, as parking space is limited and attending reenactors will require space for their vehicles. The buses will be travelling between Concord bus station and the Wrekenton Co-op carpark. The buses will travel as often as possible. A timetable for the vintage bus service will be available as soon as possible. The X1 and 56 buses also travel to Springwell and are thus a useful alternative. The vintage bus service is free however donations are gratefully appreciated. The events are mainly free, however the dance is charged and will require a ticket booking in advance. Donations can be made at points across the village at the event for those who would like to make a donation towards making this an annual event. Everyone is invited to take part from the public to reenactors. There will be entertainments on each day of the event. Reenactors are invited to book themselves in individually or as a group - reenactors who do so will be offered free entry into the dance entertainments on Saturday evening, as well as discounted meals at the Guidepost provided they bring their own mess kit. Reenactors who book in as a group will be provided with an area to set up plastic camping or their own encampment on the Bowes Railway site. Reenactors bringing caravans or camper vans will be provided with accommodation for their vehicles in secure parking. The Bowes Railway site will be open to the public between the hours of 10:30 am and 5:30 pm. Reenactors attending as a group or individually are asked to book in to secure parking spaces as well as space for encampments as early as possible. Walking promenaders are invited to book in to access parking spaces and free entry to the dance evenings, but reenactors booking as a group will receive priority. Booking is free for reenactors. Waffen-SS and any other paramilitary uniforms are asked not to attend and will be asked to leave. Services such as security and toilet facilities will be available on-site for reenactors at the Bowes Railway location. Contact Details for Bookings: Event Coordinator: / Tel: 0191 416 26 30 General Email: Or contact the facebook page via Instant Messaging

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