DREAM RETRO RE-OPENS Shop SO 42/43 Alfies Antique Market (2nd Floor), 13 – 25 Church Street, Marylebone, London NW8 8DT

Tel: 07999543612

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Great news, Dream Retro
has now moved to the sumptuous and beautiful Alfies Antique Market, Marylebone, in the heart of Central London.
Retro and vintage enthusiasts need to know that there is somewhere in Central London that is open every week, somewhere that is easy to locate, and that is run by someone who has a real passion and love of the retro lifestyle, someone who didn’t just jump on the bandwagon.

Dream Retro at Alfies Antique Market is such a place. Quirky and eclectic Dream Retro is a must for fans of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s lifestyle and culture, those who love a bit of kitsch, or are looking for something a little different, that' s not mainstream.

At Dream Retro you'll find a real eclectic mix, there's vinyl jazz, blues, lounge, swing, rhythm and blues records, books, men and women’s accessories, decorative art, beautiful vintage handbags, vintage jewellery, books, bar ware, glassware, and a whole lot more. Nearly all in excellent condition, some items are in mint condition, still in it’s original packaging and has never been used.
All items at Dream Retro are hand-picked and lovingly sourced. Join us at Dream Retro 2nd floor at the top of the wooden staircase, near the rooftop cafe.

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