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If you want to learn more and know more about how to do lindy hop dancing in Gloucestershire, UK, or if you want to learn more and know more about jive and swing dancing in Gloucester UK come on in to our web site. We only teach authentic Lindy Hop - our beginners class is called Jive and Swing because The Lindy Hop is the original Jive and Swing dance. All our beginners steps are based on six-count lindy hop steps - not modern Jive. It is the most fun and the beginners steps are really quite easy to learn. Lindy Hop has now become a name in dance that people recognise, this is thanks to programmes on the BBC such as Strictly Dance Fever which has made Lindy Hop a compulsory dance for it's competitors. Whoever you are, if you are between the ages of 8 and 80; whether you've never danced before or whether you are a very experienced Lindy Hop dancer; if you want to learn or improve your jive dancing, swing dancing or lindy hop come and dance with us!

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