The SIlver Ghosts at The Royal Albert Hall Royal Albert Hall, Verdi restaurant, Kensington Gore, SW7 2AP

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Verdi restaurant, Royal Albert Hall, Limited space, prior booking advised. - - - - - - 'Their musical craft (not to mention showmanship) is nothing less than a 101% convincing, hence the overall result being all rather infectious.' - - - - - - ★★★★★ - - - - - - 'The Silver Ghosts' 1920s-40s jazz age revivalists, whose upbeat swing performances have previously effected exhilarating 'Boardwalk Empire/Gatsby' style atmospheres at venues like Ronnie Scott's bar, The Savoy, and The 100 Club, are offering you the opportunity to savour their upbeat experience at the Verdi restaurant in The Royal Albert Hall. - - - - - - £31.50 incl. 2 courses & a welcome drink. - - - - - - Book: - - - - - - or call 020 7589 8212 - - - - - - Verdi - Italian Kitchen at the Royal Albert Hall 'Exceptional good value all round, with the majesty of the buildingaround you.' BA High Life. - - - - - - Casual dining and authentic flavours of Italy in one of London's most iconic settings. Open for lunch and dinner, Verdi Italian Kitchen at the Royal Albert Hall offers delicious food, a relaxed atmosphere and warm service in a spectacular setting. It’s the perfect place to wind down, laugh and eat well with friends and family over a bottle of great Italian wine and satisfyingly authentic food.. - - - - - - . - - - - - - The Silver Ghosts live performance The repertoire evokes the breathless and high spirited dance gigs of the 1920s 30s and 40s. A weave of quirky, upbeat numbers like Rose Murphy's 'Busy Line', the risqué 'Jack I'm Mellow', polite dance orchestrations like 'My Woman' and Harry Warren's sophisticated 'Too Many Tears', together with some familiar standards but performed in their original 'pre cold war', jazz ensemble style. The outfit is normally a 7 piece swing orchestra, but will be performing as a quintet on this occasion. Over the past couple of years the outfit has performed at high profile venues like Ronnie Scott's bar, The 100 Club, and The Savoy as well as having the fortuity to have recorded a session for the BBC at the beautiful Art Deco premises at Bush House, just before the latter moved to their new location.. - - - - - - . - - - - - - In the period to which the band are paying tribute, larger ensembles that were able to play 'unplugged' were naturally much more common, which is why the band remain committed to performing as the seven piece lineup that they have formed. Despite the changes in culture, economics and technology, The Silver Ghosts are committed to recreating the authentic ensemble swing jazz sound.. - - - - - - . - - - - - - Remaining faithful to the smart sartorial spirit of the period of the music, the musicians observe that the look is an important part of the ensemble's performance. In keeping with the era of song and dance, some of the band also know a few partner dance moves like the Charleston and the Lindy Hop. Consequently, when performing to a dance floor, they are liable to swing out as part of their act.. - - - - - - . - - - - - - £31.50 incl. 2 courses & a welcome drink Book: call 020 7589 8212

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